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GEM Digital provides eDiscovery Services, Technology and Process Onboarding, In-house Service Development Consulting, Managed Review Services and, Onsite and Remote Personnel Globally.

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GEM Digital

Making Data Work for Our Clients

At GEM Digital we specialise in helping corporates through eDiscovery and data review, often an unexpected requirement attached to a legal matter which can be particularly difficult considering the quantity of data involved and the variety of potential sources. Developed out of these specialised services, GEM Digital now assists clients optimising their internal systems to recieve, create, convert, store and securely destroy data, both hardcopy and electronic, for efficient daily operations and effective preparation for any regulatory, legal or compliance situation.

eDiscovery & Compliance

Supporting corporate clients undertaking live discovery projects and preparing for future discovery and compliance exercises. GEM Digital approaches discovery differently from other service providers with predictable, clear cost models and a focus on helping clients though complex discovery matters with minimal impact on core business activities. Our core discovery services can be delivered at client sites throughout Europe and Asia.

Remote & Onsite Personnel

GEM Digital personnel supporting clients onsite or remotely with temporary or ongoing projects for corporate and legal clients:
- Reviewers
- Relativity Administrators
- Brainspace Administrators
- SQL Administrators
- eDiscovery Analysts
- Project Managers
- Programme Managers
- Business Analysts
- Programmers

Onsite Services

Data capture and processing teams travel to client sites throughout UK, Europe and Asia to prepare, capture, scan, filter and electronically deliver electronic and hardcopy documents for legal, compliance, audit, and archive requirements. GEM Digital Mobile legal review environments allow clients to work within data privacy legislation without the execisive cost implications often associated with this process.

Managed Review Services

Review platform administration online or onsite, review paralegals and lawyers covering over 20 languages, analytics experts and review managers working together to drive down cost and risk.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Extraction and analysis of data to help businesses better understand data. From loose variable data sources to complex database systems, GEM Digital brings clarity to and new information from data of all types. Improve workflows, improve profit centres, detect internal fraud, improve purchase managment and cost, ultimately better understand your corporate data.

eDiscovery Onboarding

Onboarding eDiscovery or compliance technology and services can create significant efficiencies and reduce risk for some organistions when executed effectively. GEM Digital trains personnel, integrates technology into client infrastructure and builds out custom processes and workflows to maximise the benefit for any corporate bringing eDiscovery in-house.

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